2007 Ochre House




In 2006, I spent a month alone at Ochre House, Fowlers Gap in desert conditions as part of the UNSW, Iliri Artist Scholar Program run by the College of Fine Arts. Isolated in desert stone country with intense heat and fierce global winds. Standing alone on the edge of a line of hills facing a sunken desert basin, buffeted by harsh winds, I questioned the power of abstraction alone to address the environmental issues of our time.

In that month I did many schematic drawings, studies and paintings but as time went on my gaze went to the ground where I found dried saltbush plants that I collected. Instantly I felt a connection to them. To me they are a metaphor for the feminine energy and resilience of the Australian landscape and in them I had now found a subject with spiritual and ecological connections that drew me to tell their story.

My small studies on board and larger drawingsfrom the Residency were shown first at Charlew Hewitt Gallery in Sydney at a group show Xmas 2007. These and the memories of the experience of the Residency lead the way for my larger body of work  EDGE exhibited in  2008Signalling my representaion with Anita Traverso and Charles Hewitt.