Platform 2014



METRO ARTS 14-30 August 
Level 2, 109 Edward St Brisbane


In the third installment of the Platform series from Jan Manton Art, Michael Doolan, Stephen Hart, Gabrielle Courtenay & Merete Megarrity come together in an unlikely aesthethic combination. Platform 2014 showcases links between the artist's deeper observations of & explorations into the notions of cultural literacy & human understanding.

For images of all works go to Exhibitions in the Menu Bar & Read the full essay on Metro Arts website by Curator Charlotte Tegan.

Excerpt from Charlotte's Essay

'.....Similarily to Doolan's investigation of cultural motifs & collective readings. Sydney artist Gabrielle Courtenay utilises culturally specific symbols to construct & arrange new narratives within her works. Interested in concepts of pictorial space & aesthetic ornament, & the often removing symbols of cultural significance from their original context. Courtenay is able to create a sense of unknwing by rebuilding images with a new narrative- inviting the viewer to interpretate new ambiguous meaning of the metaphysical and the abstract. 

Courtenay's paintings in Platform 2014 demonstrate a curiosity with the mythical, juxtaposing symbols& scenery from the Australian environment, classic tales of mythology & astological explorations to create subtly startling new works that delve further into themes of connection and interaction....'

Photography@Per Ericson