New Show 2018 TRACES 16-27 May at ARO



TRACES 2018 incorporates works from my 2017 TRACES exhibition at Jan Manton Art, Brisbane and new works following it inspired by a trip to India. The experience of being in Kerala, Southern India watching Theyyam ceremonies, a form of Hindu sacred dance, the origin of which can be traced back to past rituals and practices in the forest and visiting ancient temples with their sacred trees heightened my awareness of our spiritual and primal connections to the natural world and the timeless connections that exist within cultures.

TRACES continues my exploration of working with found materials in my sculptures and paintings and expansion of my lifetime fascination with the symbology of religion, love, birth, death, creation and renewal. Organic materials, symbols of transformation, fire - ash, forest – wood and flotsam from the sea; are altered to evoke universal themes that connect the planet and cultures over time and space.

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