Wall Art Commissions

gc interior
 I first started doing decorative wall paintings when I lived in a 1850's terrace in East Sydney and it turned into a full time  career with The Fresco Company from 1988-2006. I have continued doing special wall art commissions from that time  combining it with painting for exhibitions, work as an Art Consultant and Interiors Consultant. I was lucky to have  worked as part of specialized mural teams for DIEMME where we worked on large canvases that were shipped overseas.
 An early love of architectural decoration and training as an architect combined with a love of art history has meant that I  have enjoyed the challenge of creating unique works of art that work in the setting they are created for. Art follows life and  some of these commissions have informed my art practice.
 Please look in the Exhibitions Sections for images of past Wall Art Commissions. 2013 has seen me painting a large Chinoiserie screen and The Palm Room at The Balmain. 2012 Saw the large outside wall commission for the Annandale Animal Hospital cnr Moore & Catherine Sts. Annandale & my first Wunderkammer in my home in Bronte.
I have been working since 2000 with Weir Phillips Architects as an Interiors Consultant with Robert Weir on many of his Private Residenceis as well as commercial Projects and with James Phillips on Heritage Projects selecting Colors & Materials for many of his Apartment Blocks and clients such as the Botanic Gardens.  Many examples can be seen looking on their website.
This work has expanded to a wide range of clients and other architectural firms such as Gilsennan Associates Architects. The largest project so far has been with Glen Gilsenan when I did the External Color/ Materials Schedule for the large residential development for the next stage of  'The Lakes, Norwest', comprising 86 Buildings and a Fitness Centre. 2012- 2013 has seen me working on a mixture of residential works and commercial projects.
Have a look at the new look at the Charing Cross Hotel outside just being painted 4 Sept and the transformation inside. This is the 4th Hotel I have collaborated with owner Warren Livingstone a creative entrepeneur who enjoys making unique hotels that hold their history and have a fresh modern vibe with great food. The other three were with Warren and his fellow partners in The Balmain Pub Group, The Rivervew Hotel, The Balmain and The Swanson, each one different but their is a creative aesthethic running through the four schemes aided by the team that have worked together renovating all 4 together, Warren Briggs adding his magic with fabrics, upholstery and furniture.